Derric is the most talented Creative Director I have ever worked with. He very quickly comes up with brilliant ideas and executes them flawlessly. He is not only great at branding, illustration and web design, he is also a talented interior designer and super passionate about anything design related. One of his super hero skills is to introduce just the right level and type of humor into his designs. Everyone likes working with Derric and I personally learned a lot from him during the year that I worked with him at Moz. Derric is an invaluable person to have on your team and at your company. I would greatly welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
— Daan Lindhout Head of UX - Hiring UX Designers
I had the pleasure of working with Derric during my internship as a UX Designer at Moz, and I was amazed at the passion and ease with which he directed the design team - orchestrating the brand design strategy of successful and complex SaaS, web marketing platforms, a popular SEO conference, and a number of widely enjoyed community events. Derric’s not only a master of his craft, but an effective leader, a friend and a mentor as well. I feel fortunate to be one of the people he guided. The skills I gained and experiences I had under his direction will have a positive impact on me for the rest of my career. Derric will be a great asset to his next team.
— Daniel Aldridge User Experience Designer